Common Drug Law

Learn: The Common Drug Law Terms

Drugs not only harm mental and physical health but they can get you into legal trouble. That is because possession, selling, and using many drugs are illegal. This includes many prescription medications if they are misused.

Laws are different between states when it comes to drugs. So wherever you live you need to learn and understand what the law is. Some problems may get you jail time while in other states it can just give you a fine.

Here are some of the most common laws concerning drugs.

Simple Possession

Having a tiny amount of drugs on your person is what is called “simple possession of drugs”. This means it is not enough of a drug to be considered being used to sell. This can be on your person, in your car, or in your home.

Trafficking of Drugs

This is a term which refers to the sale or distribution of drugs. Trafficking drugs are to be helping them move around. It includes making drugs, growing marijuana, or putting drugs together. Also involved with trafficking is possession with intent to sell. That’s is when you have more drugs than you would use as one person.

The import and export of drugs also fall under trafficking. If you end up traveling to another country and have something like marijuana on you, that is considered trafficking. This is still the case even if it’s a small amount only for your use.

Amount of drug in possession really is important. Buying in bulk is frequent in many instances, mainly because that is almost always cheaper. The problem is if you get caught, having a lot of a drug is seen as intent to sell.

That is true even if it was not your intention. If you meant to share it with your friends, then that is intended to supply. That is still a more significant offense.

Possession Of Drug-Related Items

There are also laws concerning items that can be used to make or use drugs. This includes crack pipes, bongs or syringes. This is because that means intent to use or make.

Where You Were Found With Drugs

Being found with drugs near a school or a playground is a lot worse than say, being cached in a grocery store. This is because you have drugs near children, which is potentially dangerous to their wellbeing. Especially if intended to use nearby.