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What Are The Most Addictive Substances?

Addiction is defined as obsessive substance-seeking behavior, a growing tolerance to addictive drugs or alcohol, and the emergence of withdrawal symptoms when consumption is discontinued. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 22.7 million Americans (8.6 percent) have a substance addiction. The statistics force us to take a more in-depth look into which substances are more addictive than others and why. Experts have created a… Read More »What Are The Most Addictive Substances?

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How to Recognize if the Addiction Started?

While many people use drugs, not everyone who uses them becomes addicted. However, substance abuse and trauma can become a problem for those who are addicted and for those who use it occasionally. When you talk about substance abuse, there are different levels. Each level can be dangerous to a person.  Causing Problems in the User’s Life  When the user has ongoing or continuing problems in… Read More »How to Recognize if the Addiction Started?

Recognizing An Overdose

Overdoses are dangerously common these days. This is because the United States is under siege by drugs. There is a drug use epidemic. Knowing the signs of an overdose could save someone’s life. Many people don’t know what an overdose looks like. This means some people could have been given help but weren’t. If you educate yourself and know the signs of an overdose, then… Read More »Recognizing An Overdose

Does Your Child Smoke Pot?

Kids start smoking pot at the average age of 16 years old. A study showed that 15.6 percent of eighth-graders smoked marijuana at least once. 6.5 percent smoked pot in the last month. People who started smoking pot at a young age were far likelier to be using drugs and alcohol when older. People who smoked by tenth grade jumped to 33.7 percent. Easy Access… Read More »Does Your Child Smoke Pot?

Ecstasy Use And Memory Problems

Ecstasy, like any other drug, is a dangerous drug to take. This is because there is a risk of drug use. Ecstasy is known actually to impair user’s memory over time. People who regularly take Ecstasy have long-term difficulty with their memory.  Ecstasy users are also more likely to use other drugs. This means that over time their brains are affected and can be damaged.… Read More »Ecstasy Use And Memory Problems

What You Need To Know About Workplace Drug Testing

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) first published guidelines for drug testing in 1988. These guidelines have been updated many times. This is to stay relevant to current times and science. There are mandatory guidelines that are easily found online in a PDF format. They are meant to standardize guidelines so that everyone follows the same ones. This keeps results consistent and… Read More »What You Need To Know About Workplace Drug Testing

What Is Purple Drink And How Dangerous Is It?

Purple drank is just one popular name for a notorious drink. It is a drink that has hospitalized many people and celebrities. Purple Drank is also known by barre, drank, lean, purple stuff, and sizzurp. It has apparently made a name for itself in many circles. This includes circles of many famous singers who have talked about its legacy. What Is It? Purple Drank is… Read More »What Is Purple Drink And How Dangerous Is It?