What You Need To Know About Workplace Drug Testing

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) first published guidelines for drug testing in 1988. These guidelines have been updated many times. This is to stay relevant to current times and science.

There are mandatory guidelines that are easily found online in a PDF format.

They are meant to standardize guidelines so that everyone follows the same ones. This keeps results consistent and fair.

In 2010 there were a few significant changes made to the guidelines. They included:

–    Guidelines now allowed testing of hair, oral fluid, and sweat patch specimens. This was to add more options than urine testing to find marijuana, cocaine and other drugs.

–    Now allowed using an on-site collection or testing devices. This was for oral fluid or urine.

–    Allowed using instrumented initial test facilities (IITF) to identify quickly.

–    Adding training requirements to make sure they were done correctly.


Laboratory Certification

Scientific and ethical guidelines were also added. This was to give standards so that everyone would be tested and treated the same.

These guidelines made sure testing and collection matched up. They also required certifications for products and tests used.


Requirements For Testing Defined

They made sure to explain the requirements for:

–    Custody and control procedures to make sure they were labeled to the right person

–    Analytical testing

–    Evaluation and explanations for positive tests due to other reasons

–    Laboratory certification issues

–    Result reviewing and reporting

–    Specimen collection procedures


Fighting Drug-Test Tricks

As technology advances, so do the ways to fight said technology. This is why they started testing more than just urine. They added oral testing and others in 2000.

This is because people were substituting someone else’s urine for their own. It was a lot harder to change out multiple tests or pass some as your own. Hair testing can test for drug use for up to thirty days.


Quick Negative Test Results

Getting a quick negative can be super important. This is because many employers don’t want to have to wait around to hire someone. Knowing right away that they are harmful for drug use can hurry the process along.

All federal agencies that have drug testing have the follow the specific guidelines and laws. This is to ensure fairness on all grounds.

The laboratory that looks at results must be certified, and there must be a medical review officer.