What Is Purple Drink And How Dangerous Is It?

Purple drank is just one popular name for a notorious drink. It is a drink that has hospitalized many people and celebrities. Purple Drank is also known by barre, drank, lean, purple stuff, and sizzurp.

It has apparently made a name for itself in many circles. This includes circles of many famous singers who have talked about its legacy.


What Is It?

Purple Drank is a popular mixture of a specific substance and alcohol, soda, or candy. It is made from a prescription cough syrup called “Prometh”, by Actavis. It was recently discontinued due to its misuse.

The cough syrup has promethazine and codeine. It has a very sweet taste because of what it is usually mixed with.

The primary drug, promethazine, is an antihistamine. This is usually to treat allergies and also used in antipsychotic medications. It also has anti-vomiting and sedative effects which is why it is used in cough syrups so much.

Promethazine won’t give a euphoric high by itself. It has to be mixed with alcohol or codeine to give that effect.

Codeine is a prodrug. Your body actually ends up metabolizing it into morphine. It is meant to help keep you from coughing. Drugs like morphine can give a high, which is why prescription drug misuse is so widespread.

Purple drank is popular because this mixture gives a kind of high. But at the same time, it has strong effects similar to an anesthetic. It depresses a lot of your functions. It is also called lean because it can make you lean over when you drink it.


How Purple Drank Kills

There isn’t really known to be an exact count on how much purple drank it takes to kill you. It is mostly agreed that no one should drink it at all because it can have serious effects. Three depressants help form purple drank.

These depressants have the potential to cause:

–     Coma

–    Dangerously low blood pressure

–    Respiratory Depression

–    Sleepiness

–    Stupor

–    Sudden Death

Overdosing on promethazine can also cause other issues such as:

–    Delirium

–    Dry skin

–    Increased body temperature

– Heightened reflexes

–    Flushing

–    Loss of voluntary movement

–    Pupillary dilation

–    Spasticity

–    Writhing movement of extremities


Some Research

We are focusing mainly on purple drank that is made with promethazine. Of course like with any mixture there are versions that use other substances. It can easily be made with over the counter cough syrups like dextromethorphan. It can cause hallucinations and disassociation.

The side effects of this version include

–    Increased heart rate

–    Hypertension

–    Profuse sweating


Any version of purple drank is easily dangerous. This is because it is made up of substances that should not be mixed together. They can do harmful things to your body and have many side effects.

Actavis has decided to discontinue making its prescription cough syrup. This is most likely wise because it is so often misused.