How Cocaine Use May Cause The Depression

It is not unusual to see people who suffer from cocaine use to also be suffering from depression. Depression in those who use cocaine is significantly higher than those who do not use cocaine.

Since using cocaine can damage brain cells then it is believed this can be linked to the depression that they feel. If cocaine can kill the brain cells that help users be happy, then that can be one explanation for the increased depression in cocaine users.

Cocaine, like many other drugs, affects the dopamine levels in the brain. It is that exact effect on dopamine that causes the surge of euphoria or the high that addicts keep using to feel. One of the long term effects of cocaine is that over time this actually makes it harder for people to feel pleasure or even positive emotions.

Cocaine is made from the coca plant that is native to South America. It is processed into one type of powder and then turned into the cocaine that we know in the United States. Then it is sold on the streets, often mixed with other drugs.

Cocaine Withdrawal

When people use cocaine consistently they can develop an addiction. In fact, this can happen from the first use of the drug because it is so highly addictive. Over time your body can grow tolerant to the drug which means that you need more of the drug to feel the effects you want. This is because the drug builds up in your body. If you try to quit the drug once you are addicted, you can experience cocaine withdrawal symptoms.

Those who use cocaine and also have depression are going to have a more difficult time handling their depression or their recovery as well. This means they can be less likely to follow through in their recovery and means that they are more likely to relapse as well.

Cocaine Actually Changes The Brain

If cocaine truly does kill dopamine cells in the brain, then there is not much known about what the brain can do to rebuild that, if anything. That’s why people who have used cocaine can experience chronic depression.

The effects of cocaine on the body as well can contribute to the depression. This is because drugs can easily weaken you and your body. It can cause shakiness, tremors, fatigue, overstimulation, and intense cravings.

Depression itself is also quite an awful thing to experience, and having cocaine-induced depression can be even worse.

If you or someone you love has used cocaine and is also depressed be sure to get the best-targeted care that you can so that you can get healthy again.