How Did Narcotics Anonymous Start?

That’s an easy question. Narcotics Anonymous is a branch based off of Alcoholics Anonymous. We were founded in 1953, though it wasn’t widespread until 1983.


How Can Narcotics Anonymous Help You?

We use a 12-step program based off of the one in Alcoholics Anonymous. We use the steps to help combat having no power. We accept that there is a higher power and then do our bests to make amends and work on ourselves.

As we follow the 12 steps, we are encouraged and supported by other members. These type of environments are proven to help increase the chances of success. We want to quit drugs and get back to regular life.


What Does “Just For Today” Mean?

“Just For Today” is a bit of a mantra for us at Narcotics Anonymous. It’s mean to make a recovery less of a scary or impossible-seeming task.

It can take away the fear of the future and make it, so you focus on the right now part of recovery. Everything is more accessible if you take it day by day and don’t stress yourself out.


Who Funds Narcotics Anonymous?

We are funded by donations. We don’t solicit money or search for a profit. Narcotics Anonymous is free to join and there are never any fees. There are collections of course, but they are never mandatory or implied.


Does Narcotics Anonymous Help Fight Cravings?

Yes, that is one of our primary goals. Cravings are a huge part of recovery, and idle time leads to cravings and chances to seek out drugs. Filling up your time with daily meetings and expectations alone can help give you a better chance of fighting your cravings.

We also have sponsor programs where there are others who are further along in recovery who look out for you.