Does Your Child Smoke Pot?

Kids start smoking pot at the average age of 16 years old. A study showed that 15.6 percent of eighth-graders smoked marijuana at least once. 6.5 percent smoked pot in the last month.

People who started smoking pot at a young age were far likelier to be using drugs and alcohol when older. People who smoked by tenth grade jumped to 33.7 percent.


Easy Access Matters

If drugs are sold openly in a child’s neighborhood or their friends sell drugs they are more likely to try them. This is because it normalizes drug use and makes it seem inclusive. They are definitely more likely to smoke earlier because of this as well.

If people at school approve of drug use, then it can seem less like a bad thing to do. It is normalized, so kids think it okay to use them or the norm.


Influencing Other Kids

The increase in use from eighth to tenth grade is honestly explained quite easily. It is because kids start smoking marijuana because of other people around them. If friends or family smoke then they are very likely to start smoking pot as well.

If a teenager’s sibling smokes pot, then they are more likely to start smoking pot too. This is just the normal way of influence for those who are growing and changing.

Reasons That Kids Smoke Pot

–    Boredom

–    Escape

–    Instant gratification

–    Lack of influence

–    Popular media

–    Misinformation

–    Rebellion

–    Self-medication