Addiction Treatment in Drug Rehab: What Should You Know About It?

It is a fact that many individuals who suffer from one addiction or the other have the wrong notion on what an addiction rehab is, and are therefore often dissuaded by the thought of owning up to addiction or asking for professional help. In some cases, those who or do not have insurance coverage for the treatment program or funds for rehab clinics may attempt to self-medicate or treat their addiction from home. Self-service addiction treatment or quitting cold turkey is hazardous and can cause immense harm to the individual physically and mentally.

Rehab for drug addictions have been around for years, and have continually evolved with the growth of medical treatment methodologies, pharmaceuticals, wellness programs, counseling, and various aspects of addiction recovery. There are a few things to keep in mind while considering rehabilitation for drug addicts, such as the type of care required, duration, cost, rate of recovery, and more.

How Can Rehab Help With Addiction?

Addiction to drugs takes away every glimmer of positivity in the lives of addicts and replaces them with anxiety, bondage, and complete dependency on the drug. The use of drugs may have started as genuine medication prescription or illicit use due to peer pressure or underlying causes, but the adverse effects are real, and they slowly depreciate the health of the individual. Countless lives are lost annually to the impact of drug abuse. The benefits of rehabilitation for drug addiction are boundless and ensure that the individual is relieved of the ill symptoms that accompany addiction to drugs. rehab lobby

A drug addiction rehab influences on personal character, behavior, and understanding of the addiction. The changes inflicted on the person by the drug are rooted in the central nervous system through the continued use of the drug. However, rehabilitation for addiction conditions helps the individual to adjust to living independently of the drug, which is very much achievable with constant management, and specialized programs.

Rehabilitation for substance abuse as a specialized service is sited in a conducive environment where people suffering from drug abuse can get treatment and counseling on their struggles, receive therapy, join a peer group for support to ensure that they maintain sobriety.

Rehab for drug addiction is different from hospitals in many ways and provides the necessary safety, privacy, and refuge that the patient requires to heal.

Who Needs Inpatient Rehab Care?

There are many people living with addictions without the courage to get professional help. Some addictions deteriorate to the extent that it affects the health of the person as well as their relationship with friends and loved ones.

An inpatient rehab center for drug addiction is mainly required for moderate to severe addictions, not just critical cases. One may need an inpatient program if one experiences the following:

  • Severe cravings for the drug
  • Changes in sleep pattern or insomnia
  • Changes in appetite
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Tremors
  • Hallucination
  • Lack of focus
  • Suicidal thoughts

Recognizing these addiction signs and taking the necessary step is imperative for quick recovery. The implication of inpatient care is that the patient will live at the facility for a specific period of time where he or she will receive necessary round-the-clock treatment. Check inpatient rehab centers near me to get in touch with their administration and discuss the details of treatment.

Who Needs Outpatient Rehab Care?

doctor at the rehab.Outpatient services for drug abuse are typically rehabilitation services that are scheduled as appointments and do not require the patient to live at the facility. People who opt for outpatient services are usually individuals with mild to moderate cases of addictions. Such people often have a regular job, an average social life, and intend to maintain their day to day schedules while receiving treatment and counseling for their addictions. The symptoms of withdrawal, in this case, is not severe and can be managed on appointments only.

A person may be eligible for an outpatient care service if they are physically capable of functioning without the frequent need for the drug. Mild cases require a less intensive but dedicated management approach to ensure that the person is able to maintain sobriety.

Programs and Therapies at Drug Rehab

Every rehab addiction center has a great lineup of intensive programs that are categorized according to the severity of the addiction and tailored to each specific individual as no single case is the same. Each addiction case is peculiar and has an outline that best suits the individual in order to expedite the healing process. Essential programs that are standard for drug abuse rehabilitation include:

Medication Management

FDA approved medications are used to manage the withdrawal symptoms of drug abuse in extreme cases. The approved medications are less prone to abuse and may reduce cravings in patients.

12-step program

These special meetings are held with peer groups such as Alcohol Anonymous, which aids in the reformation of character and as support for those who have concluded intensive addiction management programs. The 12 step program is highly recommended for outpatients.


Detox is the first treatment plan at an inpatient rehab for drug addicts. At these stages, the mind is conditioned to cope with the adverse effects of addiction, which may present as paranoia, depression, tremors, hallucinations, insomnia, and others.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding the causes and triggers of each person’s addiction is paramount to controlling the prompts to abuse drugs. Individuals are taught to control those behavioral patterns that lead to addiction. It is believed that changing certain behaviors, beliefs, routines, and schedules may help to control substance abuse.

Family Therapy

Addiction rehabilitation centers practice interventions that bring together families and friends in a program to improve relationships and bonds better as well as to show support to the individual struggling with addiction to drugs. Support from social networks and family is significant in the healing process.

Dual Diagnosis

Many individuals have suffered physical, emotional, and mental traumas in the past and have lived with experiences and memories that have inevitably led to addictions. Veterans, students, and victims of abuse fall into these categories. Such people may live with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other health problems. Proper diagnosis allows the mind to heal before facing the addiction as a singular problem slowly.

Rehab Cost

The cost of drug addiction rehabilitation may vary from one facility to the other, depending on the uniqueness of these facilities. Factors that determine costs are types of the center, the treatment offered, and amenities offered by the facility. Some rehabilitation centers for drug addicts accept insurance and provide financial aids such as sliding scale fees to enable low-income earners to get treatment at an affordable cost.

Detox for outpatients ranges between $1000 – $1,500, while the full rehab program costs between $5,000 -$10,000 for the first three months. Inpatient programs range between $6000 to $ 20,000 for the first 30 days. A 60 to the 90-day program may cost between $12,000-$60,000 depending on the popularity, location, and influence of the center.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

Many individuals leave rehabilitation centers for drug addicts with more than just treatment for drug abuse. The benefits of completing a drug addiction treatment program may include:

  • Freedom from addiction
  • Learning more about the addiction, its causes, and effects
  • Better understanding the underlying problems that can lead to another addiction
  • Improved health and mental wellness
  • Build new habits and practices that can better define you
  • Enhanced relationships with friends and family

Drug abuse has destroyed many lives and is one of the worst kinds of addiction. The only way to tackle the effects of drug abuse is to seek rehabilitation for addictions immediately.

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